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  • Important Information About GMMS Drinking Water (Click here for the full notice)

    Monitoring Requirements Not Met for Great Meadows Regional Middle School. Click the title above to read the full public notice regarding this issue.

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  • Realtime Parent Portal - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

    The district has switched to a new database system as of the 2016-17 school year. This new system replaces many older systems including the Honeywell Instant Alert system. It is important that all parents and guardians login to the new system to update their phone numbers and email addresses to prevent their missing important alerts from the school . . including school closures or emergencies. Please click the title above to be taken to a webpage designed to help walk you through updating this information.

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  • GMRSD Inclusive Preschool Program (Click here for more information)

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  • Bedtime Math (Click here for more information)

    Elementary teachers from Great Meadows Regional and Hackettstown School Districts will introduce Bedtime Math to families during parent-teacher conferences this month, reaching over 1,000 students. It is part of a new partnership to expand the reach of Bedtime Math’s innovative family engagement app.

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  • District Notice of Student Standardized Testing

    Letter and spreadsheet regarding upcoming student testing for the 2016-17 school year.

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  • Special Education Program Offerings (Click here for the full flyer regarding these programs)

    Hackettstown Public Schools and the Great Meadows Regional District are pleased to offer an array of programs and services for students with special needs ages three to twenty-one. As public school districts serving students with ever-growing diverse needs and challenges, we strive to build programs that breed success. Our District staff are committed to providing specialized academic and behavioral supports and services to students with exceptional needs while maintaining inclusion with typically developing peers. We are excited to make those programs available to students in neighboring districts.

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  • Protect yourself and your family from mosquito-borne viruses

    Fall is in the air, but the mosquitoes are still here! Protect yourself and your family from mosquito-borne viruses by practicing the 3 D’s of mosquito control: Drain, Dress, and Defend. DRAIN standing water from containers around your yard to eliminate mosquito breeding. DRESS to cover your skin by wearing long sleeves and pants when possible. DEFEND yourself by using EPA-approved insect repellent. If you are TRAVELING in the near future, learn where Zika is active before you go. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, contact your physician. Protect you and your partner from Zika. For more information, visit the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website at, or the New Jersey Department of Health website at, or call the New Jersey 24/7 Zika Call Center at 1-800-962-1253. Thank you! From the Warren County Health Department at or at (908) 475-7960.

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  • ELL Graduation English Language Arts Assessment Inclusion

    Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2019

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  • Swift 911 Program(Click here to view the full brochure)

    The County has a new program called Swift911. Residents of Warren County and those of us who commute to Warren County, can register our cellphones, work phones, home phones, e-mail addresses, etc. to the Swift 911 program so we will be notified of any emergency situations going on in our immediate area. It's a great tool for emergency management personnel to get the word out about public safety alerts. For example say a perpetrator is in the area or a hostage situation is taking place. They can zone in on that immediate area and notify people in those neighborhoods of the situation and to inform them to remain in their homes. People can only be notified if there phone numbers and/or email addresses are registered with the system. If people already have a listed phone number (as appose to a private number) they will already be registered into the system automatically.

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  • WCPO Safety Notice

    Safety Notice from the Warren County Prosecutors Office

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