The safety and security of your children are of utmost priority to us. With the cooperation and assistance of the Independence Police Department our district developed an Emergency Response Plan in 2005. The plan contains a series of procedures students and staff must follow in case of an emergency. Due to security, we cannot share our plan with the community. However, we would like to inform you of the important role that you play during a school wide emergency. First and foremost, we all must remain calm. Please be assured that our schools practice fire drills and emergency evacuations/lockdowns on a regular basis. Second, please ignore your instinct to get in your car and pick your child up. In all probability, the police will have closed off the roads around the school. The area will be under lockdown. The district, state/local police request that you utilize the television and radio for updates (please see below and school calendar: delayed opening/emergency closing). Once the emergency is over, parents will be notified via media where to pick up their child. We thank you for all of your cooperation and support.

GMRSD uses an Automated Emergency Phone System for unplanned early dismissal days, lock downs, and any other emergencies.  

Radio/Television: 1510 AM, 103.7 FM, 1360 AM, 102.3 FM, 96.7 FM, 93.5 FM (PA.), WNBC 4, FOX 5 WNYW and WFMZ-TV 69

Please leave your phone lines open. You may receive a call from PTO/PATHS or the school district.